Our Aims

Setting Out

We understand that inadequate detail or unclear setting out information can lead to costly mistakes for our Clients. 
We always go the extra mile to get items fully set out in a clear manner and ensure accurate records are kept. We also understand that certain jobs need accuracy, whilst others need speed and volume of work.

We aim to provide the most clear and complete setting out possible in every situation.


We are often the end-user of  problematic designs due to them being derived from inadequate Topo information. As a result, when we carry out Topographical work, we understand the items which require more detailed surveying to ensure Designers have the level of information that they need. In the case of Technical Surveying, we continually use a variety of methods to cross-check the accuracy of surveyed points for complete peace-of-mind. Our instruments are also calibrated regularly. 

We aim to always provide the most accurate and end-user-friendly information possible.


We assess and check many references for Engineers who are not known to us, prior to deciding whether to utilise their services for our Clients. Being Engineers ourselves, we can assess the skills/ethic of other Engineers and make good judgement on their suitability for our Clients' needs. 

We aim to always provide quality Engineers, suited to our Clients' requirements.


Wherever possible, we train our own Engineers straight from further education. We teach them how to be good, skilled and resourceful Engineers by working for an extended period of time with one of our own, fully trained and trusted Engineers.

We have had some success in training-up some very good Engineers in this way and we aim to carry on doing so.

We go the extra mile!