Our Services

We offer three, distinct services:-

  • our Full Engineering Service

  • our Agency Service

  • our Surveying Service

Full Engineering Service

Our most-used and most versatile service, this covers anything from small, intermittent work, to full Engineering cover on very large contracts.

For small or intermittent works, we come to your site, fully equipped, on an as-and-when-required basis. We complete the work, provide accurate records and leave again until called upon to return.

On large contracts, we can provide a Senior Engineer with a team of fully-equipped Engineers to work under them. This keeps everything in-house and fully regulated. This service has been used to great effect on several, large contracts - see our Work Categories page.

Agency Service

Where you require to hire a full-time Engineer for a reasonable length of time, we can provide an Engineer on an Agency Basis. Here we supply the Engineer but you are responsible for them, their work and providing the kit they need. As we officially have no input or responsibility, this is reflected in much lower rate payable. The main difference between us and a standard Employment Agency with this service is that we have over 20 years' experience in Site Engineering and can better assess the suitability of a candidate for your needs.

Surveying Service

We carry out Topographical Land Surveys; Surveys of Structures, Boundary Surveys, Quarry Surveys, surveys on Factory-Built Structures and so on. Surveys can be carried out in a variety of ways from traditional Total Station/GPS Surveying, to Digital Scanning and Drone-work. We endeavor to make the resultant CAD and PDF drawings as clear and user-friendly as possible. We have extensive experience of surveying in mountainous, rural or island locations and are fully equipped for these challenging locations.

Please see our Work Categories page for examples of these Services in practice.