Work Categories


We have been involved in work on many Scottish Airports, ranging from full Engineering cover on several major Runway and Taxiway works on large Airports; down to small refurbishment jobs on more rural ones.
As an example, Ferrovial Agroman took our Full Engineering Service to provide all of the Engineering on Aberdeen Airport's Major Taxiway Refurb - a Senior Engineer and team of fully-equipped Engineers below him. We then progressed to do the same on Glasgow Airport's Alpha Taxiway Refurb and subsequently several further jobs in both Airports for Ferrovial, Ringway and others. A long time before that, we provided the same service on Oban Airport's complete refurbishment for Breedon with some tricky, re-shaping of the runway involved. We have provided Engineering for smaller works on many other Airports such as Islay, Wick, Inverness and so on.


We have been involved on several Stadia jobs, most notably the construction of a new stand at Hearts FC, Edinburgh. In order to keep the old stand open for as long as possible, the new roof truss had to be constructed then dropped on without disturbing the old structure below. We did all of the Engineering for this under our Full Engineering Service with BSB Structural, being involved in: the factory where sections were pre-made; the construction of the huge truss on-site; and finally the lifting of the truss and setting-down on bearings on top of the towers. This took some precision work and not a small amount of nerve-holding but it dropped on beautifully in the end. 
We then carried on to provide the Setting Out and Engineering for Hearts direct during the construction of the new stand with it's offices, team-rooms, hospitality areas and so on.

Surfacing and Motorways

We are often involved in surfacing works, from minor car parks to motorway construction, and have even done some race-track work. A recent example would be Aggregate Industries utilising our Full Engineering Service to supply all of the Engineering for the surfacing of the Southern Motorway Approach to the new Queensferry Crossing. The model was provided on a Moss basis. We converted this, using our Trimble Software, into files that could be both: utilised on our handsets for checking; and loaded into the Machine Control System on the Pavers. We then controlled the level of the screeds on the back of the Pavers using Robotic Total Stations, linked up to the Paver Guidance System. With the screeds moving around, expanding and contracting with the heat of the material; to get within the tight level-tolerance we had to constantly monitor the level of the material and keep adjusting the way the screed interacted with the guidance system - not an easy task.... 

Surveying - Topographical, Technical and Quarry

We carry out all manner of Survey Work, ranging from straight Topographical Surveys for Design and Planning purposes, to Technical Surveying of Structures during Factory-Builds. We also carry out Quarry Surveys for quantities and face-records. 
We have often had to set out from inadequate designs, purely as they were derived from inadequate TOPO surveys in the first place. Due to this, we understand the features that require extra detail surveyed to help Designers move towards a more complete design. 

When carrying out Technical Surveys, we are very pro-active in cross checking points surveyed using other methods and different setups. It is important to constantly verify accuracy. 

We also try to keep our drawings as user-friendly and clear as possible. 

We are used to long-range rural work - see the "Rural Works" section below.

Structural Steel 

One of our constant sources of work is Plumb, Line and Levelling for Structural Steel Companies. Unlike most Engineering Companies, we do not just survey the steel, we also move columns to their best-fit position ourselves and provide a resultant report on all. On complicated or high-rise structures, we work along with the guys on-site to correct problems with plumb and level as the structure proceeds. We work with many several Companies on this basis such as BSB Structural, BHC and several smaller Companies.

Rural Work

We have extensive experience of working in mountainous, remote and island locations. We are involved with Hydro, Wind, Fish-Farming and Infrastructure all over Scotland including the Western Isles, Small Isles and many mountainous areas. 

We are equipped for, and used to, mountain and island work and have many friends and Clients in spread-out locations.

Building Construction and Groundworks

We are constantly involved in all manner of Groundworks and General Building-Construction. With over 20 years' experience there isn't much we haven't seen or done....
We try to make our Setting-Out as clear and user-friendly as possible - unclear or incomplete information can lead to costly mistakes for our Clients! 

We go the extra mile to make sure things are done right!